What equipment is available?

In addition to that listed below, we can generally help source most things you might need for your project.

Studio equipment:

  • DAW: ProTools 12
  • Microphones: Wide range of modern and vintage style condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphones.


  • Guitars: Gibson SG Special, Fender Stratocaster, K Yairi DYM85 Acoustic
  • Guitar amps: Dr. Z Maz 18 NR, Holden 50, Axe-FX II XL+, Marshall 4x12 Speaker Cab, Vintage Philips 2x12 Speaker Cab
  • Bass: Musicman Stingray
  • Drums: Pearl Masters 6-piece drum kit, Pearl Signature Eric Singer 14x6.5" Maple Snare, Weta Drums Copper 14x5" Snare

Do you have session musicians available?

Absolutely. Christchurch is home to many talented musicians, several of which we work with frequently. We are happy to make introductions and help you find the right collaborators for your project. Investing in good musicians will save you money and get a better sounding recording.

Do you have house engineers/producers available?

Yes! In fact, most engineering and production work is done by Kris Muir, owner of The Helpful Studio. 

Other frequent friends of the studio include Chris Cubitt (audio post-production for film and television, audio field work) and Dru Norriss (recording, mixing, session drums and bass).

What is your pricing?

Pricing depends on the exact needs of the project, so we encourage you to get in touch to discuss. Our rates are extremely competitive, due to the integrated nature of the the studio and engineering team.

Where are you located?

The Helpful Studio is located in Casebrook, 15 minutes north of the Christchurch city centre.