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Christchurch × New Zealand


Specialising in recording, mixing and music production.

The Helpful Studio is designed from the ground-up by artists, for artists. We take pride in working closely with all our clients to produce their best possible work. Our philosophy is to put the music first and have everything else - the equipment, the personnel, the environment - serve the song.

Serving the song

As musicians ourselves, we know the the most important parts of the signal chain are the performer and the song. That’s why we focus as much on song arrangements and your comfort as we do on mic placement and acoustics.

State-of-the-art Acoustic Design

Just as the shape and contours of a musical instrument define its sound, so do those of a recording studio. Natural, pleasing ambience free of artifacts is essential for critical listening and capturing true to life performances. That’s why we have fitted our control and tracking room with high quality, bespoke acoustic treatment, including fractal Arqen diffusers designed by Tim Perry.

Our Work

"Beautiful Mire" by The river jesters

Recording, mixing and production by Kris Muir at The Helpful Studio

"Recording our album 'Beautiful Mire' with Kris Muir at The Helpful Studio was the right move. Kris has an inspiring drive as a producer, strong instincts as a sound engineer and a great all round knowledge of music. His input and contributions are valued highly and I trust his ears. We managed to achieve a resulting album that I'm 100% proud to put out to our audience, it sounds amazing and I'd recommend working with The Helpful Studio to any band that's serious about setting themselves a high standard of recording."

- Michael Morris of The River Jesters.

"antihistamine" BY egovalve

Recording, mixing and production by Kris Muir at The Helpful Studio